Dual-Sided, Clear Electrodes

Price: $3.50 / 4 Pack
(ask about volume discounts)

Your Stim Unit's New Best Friend!

New Dual-Sided, Clear Electrodes from Hill Threpeutics are a patened breakthough for electric therapy devices. They fit all brands of muscle stimulation machines and sticky on both sides for twice the use of each pad for the same price! Dual-sided electrodes are also transparent for simultaneous use with the Hill Electro-Light Light Therapy Unit (featuring 4 hands-free light applicators) and your muscle stim machine.

Dual-Sides, Clear Electrodes feature:

  • Adhesive on both sides for twice the use at 1/2 the cost
  • Clear for dual treatment - light therapy with muscle stimulation
  • Patented

Use with:

Dual Sided Clear Electrodes Hill IFC

HF54 Hands-Free Ultrasound Therapy Unit

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