The Curve Restorer
Cervical Spine Rehab Device
by Hill Therapeutics & Dr. Hargis DC, DABCO

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How the Curve Restorer Works

The Curve Restorer comprises an elastic strap that is pulled into the mid rearward neck as the user grasps the two forward handles. Pulling with a light force of a few pounds, the user is able to stretch the neck forward slightly, allowing the two rearward curves to contact the head and shoulder region. At this point, a series of exercises are performed against resistance coils to strengthen the major muscles of the neck and upper back.

As the user places the elastic strap to the mid-neck and pulls forward to position the rearward curve to the skull base and shoulder, approximately 4 pounds of forward pressure is exerted by the elastic strap on the mid-cervical spine. When the product and patient are positioned in this fashion, and as the patient maintains forward pull on the handles, a series of exercises is performed. Ten minutes of daily exercise is sufficient to strengthen the major muscles of the neck and upper back.

A patient education and instructional video is included with each unit to teach the exercises.

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*The information below, "Questions and Answers by Dr. Calvin Hargis" contain the sole remarks of Dr. Calvin Hargis and have not been influenced by Hill Laboratories in any way.

Dr. HargisQuestions and Answers The Curve Restorer by Dr. Calvin Hargis, DC, DABCO

What is the Curve Restorer?
Sample Explanation of the Unit: A rehabilitation exercise unit has been dispensed to the patient for daily home use This unit provides a means of exercise resistance to strengthen and rehabilitate weak and poorly functioning cervical spine musculature.

Who should be using the Curve Restorer?
The Curve Restorer is ideally designed for two purposes, Cervical Spine Rehab and Strengthening and also Cervical Curve Restoration. However, this is a somewhat complex question as many people with general neck fatigue and pain, especially those spending long hours working at a desk or computer will profit from using the Curve Restorer to exercise tight or fatigued neck and upper back muscles. Individuals with chronic neck pain often related to degenerative spinal changes can also effectively exercise the neck to increase flexibility, joint mobility and neck strength. So in fact the Curve Restorer is good for a wide range of patients. Certainly patients that are being rehabbed following injuries; i.e. sports and motor vehicle trauma would be likely candidates.

What exercises can be performed with the Curve Restorer and what do they do?
Various exercises included neck extensions, neck retractions, lateral neck flexions and cervical circumduction can all be performed using the Curve Restorer. So essential all motions of the neck except for forward flexion can be performed with the Curve Restorer. According to Dr. Memot Oz (popular TV host), cervical extension against resistance is the most effective exercise means to relieve neck pain. Curve Restorer exercise increases muscular strength of the neck and upper back, increases flexibility of the spine, increases joint mobility and lubrication of the spinal joints, enhances nutrient flow and health of the cervical spine discs and decreases tension and spasm of the cervical spine and upper back muscles aiding in the relief of muscle tension headaches, neck spasm, neck pain and improving spinal range of motion.

What billing codes should I use for the Curve Restorer?
Therapeutic and rehab codes can be applied for instruction: 97110 Therapeutic Exercises, 97112 Neuromuscular re-education, 97530 Therapeutic Activities. The code for the sale of the unit itself is A9300 Exercise Equipment, (must be accompanied by a short explanation of the unit), and can be used for dispensation. A particular insurance company may or may not reimburse depending on their guidelines.

How long is a recommended exercise session?
Initially exercise is begun with only a few repetitions of the extension exercises demonstrated on the DVD included with each unit. As one becomes more accustomed to the exercises usually over several days they can increase to doing the full regimen of extension and retraction exercises demonstrated on the DVD. At this point daily exercise should require approximately 5 to 10 minutes per day.

When will a patient typically see results?
In cases of general neck pain, fatigue, tension or post injury weakness the results are nearly immediate and certainly within a few days of beginning the exercises. In cases where cervical curve restoration is the goal improvement is generally seen after approximately a three to four month period of daily use.

Can I sell the Curve Restorer to my patients?
Certainly! A code for the sale of the unit itself A9300 Exercise Equipment, with an explanation of the unit can be used for dispensation. A particular insurance company may or may not reimburse depending on their guidelines.

Are there any cautions or considerations to consider when recommending the Curve Restorer to my patients?
As with any treatment good judgment should be exercised. Should symptoms flair the regiment should be discontinued until it can be determined that the patient has sufficient healing or capacity for the exercises. Good doctor patient contact and dialog is essential. Lastly as the exercises are new to the patient the doctor should not only instruct the patient in performing the exercises correctly but should subsequently monitor the patient in performing their exercises during the beginning days of their routine. Certain conditions preclude the use of the Curve Restorer.

About Dr. Calvin Hargis

Calvin Hargis, DC, DABCO, is a 1980 magna cum laude graduate of Palmer Chiropractic School and a board-certified chiropractic orthopedist. He is a patented inventor with various braces currently in production. Contact him at

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