Hill Air-Flex Flexion & Distraction Table
with optional Auto-Flexion and Auto-Distraction

Starting at $4495
Lease at $152/mo

The Air-Flex is perfect for doctors who want a full-featured manual flexion and distraction chiropractic table (air-controlled) with the option of adding automatic flexion and automatic decompression (for strictly Auto-Flexion Chiropractic Table, see Hill AFT). With patients counterbalanced on a cushion of compressed air, doctors love the Air-Flex for its amazingly responsive treatment action. There is truly no other flexion distraction table like it!

Adding optional Auto-Distraction turns your Air-Flex into one of the most effective traction tables available... TouchscreenDecompression Traction Touch ScreenThe 6.1" HD touchscreen panel offers digital accuracy for controlled fully repeatable treatments. Other options include a choice of up to four air-drops, air-thoracic breakaway and a variety of headpieces to suit nearly every requirement. Scan the options below and click to build the ideal Air-Flex for you in the Notebook section to the right.

Base Air-Flex Standard Features

  • Includes Tilting Headpiece and Thoracic Release
  • Air-Controlled Flexion & Distraction w/ pressure pedal
  • Removable tiller bar at foot-end
  • Rotation & Lateral Flexion, and locking mechanisms
  • Slide-out Ankle Support with Ankle Harnesses
  • Electric Height Controlled by Foot Pedal
  • Elevation Range from 21 1/2" to 29"
  • Higher Starting Heights Available
  • Width 24", Medium Density Foam
    (Soft or Firm Foam on Request)
  • Choice of 20 Colors for the Top Cusions
  • Beige, Gray or Black Acrylic Thermo-Plastic Base
  • One-year Warranty On All Parts
    (Dealer on-site labor warranty may vary)

af standard
"Deluxe" Air-Flex Package - $7620

Add these features below to create a Deluxe Air-Flex.

  • Air-Activated Dual Cervical Drop Headpiece
  • Air-Activated Thoracic, Lumbar and Pelvic Air Drops
  • Air-Activated Thoracic Breakaway
  • Two Power Foot Strips


Headpiece Section
F14 Cervical Dual Manual Drop $350+
F15 Raised Headpiece $275+
F17 Cervical Dual Air Drop $650+
F21 CBP Headpiece (requires #F15) $385+
F22 Flexion Headpiece (requires #F15) $400+
Thoracic / Lumbar / Pelvic Section
F10 Air-Activated Thoracic Breakaway $275+
F11 Air Thoracic Drop $650+
F12 Air Lumbar Drop $650+
F13 Air Pelvic Drop $650+
Automatic Options (6.1" HD Touch Screen)
F20 Automatic Flexion $2300+
F25 Lumbar Automatic Distraction for Decompression / Traction $2100+
F26 Cervical Automatic Distraction for Decompression / Traction $2100+
F27 Lumbar & Cervical Auto-Distraction -Save $1100! $3100+
Foot Section
F23 Extension for McKenzie Technique $150+
Foot and Hand Controls
F9 Extra Control Box $250+
92 Extra Foot Pedal with 6'6" cord $95+
92B Auto-Touch Foot Pedal $150+
92CS Rocker Foot Pedal Substitute $20+
92D Toggle Height Switch $75+
92E Two Power Foot Strips $250+
93 Caster System for mobility $160+
220 Volt International Power Supply $275+
Width, Height and Upholstery
97 27" width $50+
140 Finesse Tricot Material (Recommended) $225+
136 Hill Cleaner / 6 Pack-15oz Cans (Recommended) $26+
137 Disinfectant Spray / 4 Pack-12oz Bottles $32+
Matching Exam Stools
150 Gas-powered Stool $185+
151 Gas-powered Stool with back $275+

Hill HA90C Chiropractic Table

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